RIP Sir Roger Moore

Roger Moore is due to appear on the show and Alan has prepared a special room full of props that … Continue reading

Chester! Chester! Near North Wales, off the M56

Chester! Chester! Near North Wales! Off the M56! Alan is in the room Jed has dedicated to him. Jed reveals … Continue reading

You’re no relation to Robert Maxwell?

Alan leaves Michael to ponder after chatting about a sandwich board and heads over to reception, where Jed Maxwell is … Continue reading

Malcolm MacDowell is trapped in the future

Alan has left the studio and is driving back to the Linton Travel Tavern in his car, which is plastered … Continue reading

Wonder Who Got The Powerpack?

Alan is in the Radio Norwich Studio presenting the evening show Alan: That was Roxanne, by the Police or as … Continue reading

An egg still in it‘s shell, looks fine but… It‘s from the nineties

Taken from Alan Partridge Scissored Isle. … Continue reading

Kommen Sie bitte, und listen to Kraftwerk.

Alan is in the Radio Norwich studio pottering around while a farmer is talking on his phone in “This Mornings’ … Continue reading

This is Einstein a Go-Go. Gid, that’s git

From the last episode of the first series, Towering Alan. Alan and Dave have an on-air spat and Alan replaces … Continue reading